Monday, April 28, 2014

Start of our basement

We went by the lot today to see the progress and this is what we saw.  Not exactly sure what it is, but it looks like the start of our foundation and plumping.  Our neighbors house is going up quick it was just starting when our lot got staked.  There are also a bunch of houses going up all around ours, it's pretty cool to see our new neighborhood grow from a few houses to a full road.  Our house is part of phase I of our neighborhood and I have a feeling that shortly after our house is done that phase I will be complete, which is the first half of our road.  It's very exciting to see all this progress!

Friday, April 25, 2014

We Have a Hole!!!

As of Thursday we have a hole for our house completely dug out!!!  We are so excited and can hardly wait for it to be done!  It was a day late, but we are glad it's finally started.  We drove by Wednesday night pretty disappointed with the lack of hole, but on Thursday we got our hole and tons of pictures of the start of our building process!  We also get an update every Friday from our PM, here's what he had to say today:

-We are 85 days from completion: so around July 19, 2014
-Driveway has good placement away from grate (see picture below it actually is placed nicely)
-Foundation will be started this Monday: drainage, concrete floors, footers
-Walls will be poured the following Monday

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Almost Starting!

We met with our PM this afternoon.  We talked about the grate in the middle of our driveway.  We were able to shift the house over to only have a couple of feet overlap with our driveway and grate.  They really can't do much else to fix it anymore than that.  I guess we will have to live with that, hopefully it won't bother us a ton.  I doubt that it will though.  We also talked about the burm, he's going to see what he can do with pushing it back and leveling it out a bit.  We also got some good news..........


Sunday, April 13, 2014

All staked out!

We got an email on Friday that our lot was staked out if we wanted to meet with PM before they start digging.  We will be meeting with PM on Wednesday to talk about some things.  For one the hill in the back of our yard is not complete/started, but we just wanted to get an idea of how the finished hill to protect noise from the street is going to look.  Right now its pretty high and takes up a lot of our backyard.  It will also be very hard to mow.  Hopefully they are going to fix it and make it easier to mow.  Another thing is our drive way will be right in front of a grate in on the road.  I have never seen a drive way with a grate at it's foot.  Hopefully they can move our house over a bit so we don't have that in our driveway.

Anyway we were so excited we went there right after work on Friday to see it and take some pictures.  Even more exciting my parents came up to see us this weekend and we were able to show them our lot for the first time!!  Neither of our parents have seen the lot yet besides in pictures, so it was pretty exciting to show my parents.  They even took a picture of us on our staked out lot!:-)  Thank you guys for coming out to see it!!

I must say from the stakes our house looks tiny lol.  I know it won't be it just appears that way, but it's really weird walking the house staked out.  We did some measuring too and that also made it seem small, but I'm a visual person and it was hard to image a house being there lol.  

It was so exciting and I can't wait for them to start digging!! I hope they start next week or the following!!

Our far backyard over the hill
Me in the Front of Our Staked Lot:-)
Panorama of Our Lot 
My Husband Standing in Our Back Yard (I was on the hill)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pre-Construction Meeting

Our pre-construction meeting got delayed from last Monday until this Monday because of our recent changes.  Overall the meeting was great, our PM was very helpful and nice.  He also sounded like he had a lot of experience and really wanted to deliver a quality house to us.  First we reviewed the plot plan and the placement of all utilities.  We also went over lot grading and house placement on the lot.

Second we went over our selections and the floor plan of the interior of our house.  He called us smart and special for thinking of a way to do a mudroom in the garage by adding 4 extra feet.  He also told us that the garage door can be shifted along with the driveway to allow the 4 extra feet on one side of the garage.  This was good because we didn't want the garage door opening in front of the mudroom, they first told us it might have to be centered (that was a relief!).  He's a picture of the floor plan with the 4ft extension of the garage:

Third we went over how to behave on the construction site, possible weather delays, stating that things will go wrong because its a construction site but he will make sure they are corrected,  and warranties.  We also had time to ask questions about anything we wanted.  Here's a list of some of our question/things for us to double check on (he went over almost everything before we had to ask though):

Double check: 
Flooring/stain color
Cabinets/counter tops
House orientation/color/options/garage/lawn grading
Lighting/ switch locations (switches that control plug locations)/ fixtures/ rough-ins/ type 
Number of cable, phone, Internet/ locations of these
Bathtubs/showers – type/size/shower door/roman shower
Fireplace location/surround/switch
Appliances – type
Outside- siding/shutters/exterior trim
Island- outlet/ location/ orientation/ light rough-in of one recessed lighting over island
Location of garage door

Height of back door? - 3.5 feet
Counter tops – Rounded edges?/ Can we choose our slab? -Will have rounded edges and can choose our slab and should do so when they start digging:-)
Windows – screens? -yes
Heating vent covers - locations (not under sinks on floor)/ type -nope they will not be
Placement of attic access -upstairs hallway
Can we get hardwoods under island and cabinets? -yes, but the hardwoods might get ruined during other construction because they don't do it in that order to help protect the hardwoods.  We settled on hardwoods under island and stove (which I thought they already did along with the refrigerator).  
What is the accuracy of the closing date? (+/- a week?) -30 days out closing date is pretty good, but give a bit of days just in case
Will there be water going to the refrigerator? -yes
Height of cabinet above fridge? -Standard height about 70" with hardwoods space for refrigerator

Some things that we found out that we weren't happy with:

1)  Our garden view lot was not garden view for our house because the house is so small in depth compared to other floor plans.  This means we have a well around our egress window in the basement.  Until this point we were under the impression that there would be no well and we could see out from the basement.  This is annoying, but not a deal breaker.  It's a good thing we didn't get charged extra for the lot because it was garden view or we'd be pretty upset.  On a positive note, this means the height of the back door will be lower than we thought and we could possibly do a deck or a patio.

2)  There is a sewer grate in the middle of our driveway on the end of it.  He can't really shift our house/driveway over because of our massive house width.  He was going to look into it and see if he can move it slightly over to miss it as much as possible and get back to us.  This is a little annoying, but not as annoying as the first thing.

All in all I'd say it went pretty well.  He said we will be starting within the next couple of weeks.  The time depends on the number of houses in front of us and when we get our permit accepted from the town, he said they are behind.  He gave us an estimated date of closing for 2nd half of July, which is pretty exciting and awesome.  I can't wait to start our house and be done!