Saturday, May 31, 2014

Changes - Our PM is Awesome!

This is a list of changes we requested and their result during the building process.  Just a good way to keep tract and document all the items we find to make sure they get changed.

- Vent location moved further away from front door entrance side
*UPDATE: moving it over to other side of door

- Vent location moved further away from back door
*UPDATE: can't do because cabinets would be too close

- Remove half bath exhaust vent in middle of front of the house (looks terrible!)
*UPDATE: moving it to the back of the house

- Center lights in master bedroom with shorter wall
*UPDATE:  moving lights and fan rough in centered to where we want them

- Put tile in a brick layout fashion for master bath
*UPDATE: will cost us $275 - decided that was expensive and said never mind

- Change the light over the sink to a flush mount from a recessed can to be able to put centered
*UPDATE: all changed

- Center fridge cabinet
*UPDATE: all set

- Move thermostat over a little from corner of dinning room
*UPDATE: all set

- Have hot water tank under stairs and not in the place we want to finish
*UPDATE: Not under stairs, but in line with the furance.  I guess that's better than nothing.

- Fix holes in rafters that were okay to be there, but most people ask them to be filled
*UPDATE: no problem

- Move address numbers on garage below garage light
*UPDATE:  all set

- Have outlet under small cabinet next to fridge
*UPDATE:  all set

- Make sure island has outlet in it
*UPDATE:  put in without us having to ask

- Make sure bowed walls get fixed
*UPDATE:  most were fixed without us asking and the one that was not got fixed a couple days after we told our PM about it

On a side note:  I have to say our PM is awesome!  It's been so great working with him.  He actually listens to our concerns and not only finds out if they can be done for us, but he explains to us why it can't be done.  He even realizes some of our ideas are a good idea and do make the house better and tells us this.  It's very nice to have someone listen to our concerns and not brush them off, but instead takes action for us to see to it that we will love our new house at the end of all this!:-)

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