Sunday, April 13, 2014

All staked out!

We got an email on Friday that our lot was staked out if we wanted to meet with PM before they start digging.  We will be meeting with PM on Wednesday to talk about some things.  For one the hill in the back of our yard is not complete/started, but we just wanted to get an idea of how the finished hill to protect noise from the street is going to look.  Right now its pretty high and takes up a lot of our backyard.  It will also be very hard to mow.  Hopefully they are going to fix it and make it easier to mow.  Another thing is our drive way will be right in front of a grate in on the road.  I have never seen a drive way with a grate at it's foot.  Hopefully they can move our house over a bit so we don't have that in our driveway.

Anyway we were so excited we went there right after work on Friday to see it and take some pictures.  Even more exciting my parents came up to see us this weekend and we were able to show them our lot for the first time!!  Neither of our parents have seen the lot yet besides in pictures, so it was pretty exciting to show my parents.  They even took a picture of us on our staked out lot!:-)  Thank you guys for coming out to see it!!

I must say from the stakes our house looks tiny lol.  I know it won't be it just appears that way, but it's really weird walking the house staked out.  We did some measuring too and that also made it seem small, but I'm a visual person and it was hard to image a house being there lol.  

It was so exciting and I can't wait for them to start digging!! I hope they start next week or the following!!

Our far backyard over the hill
Me in the Front of Our Staked Lot:-)
Panorama of Our Lot 
My Husband Standing in Our Back Yard (I was on the hill)

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