Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Closing 7/21/14

Closing was yesterday and it was quick and painless.  Both the NVR representative and our lawyer had everything together and ready to go.  It took about an hour and 15 minutes.  After the closing we packed our cars up and went to OUR house for the first time!  My husband carried me over the threshold and our pup loved the house.  She smelled everyone inch of the place!   We did a couple car loads yesterday since we had the day off of work.  We are moving the rest of our stuff with our families on Friday.  We will probably do a few car loads during the week too just to get a few more breakable items.  I will post pictures once we get somewhat moved in!  I can't believe it's ours, it's so awesome! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pre-Settlement Meeting 7/18/14

Our pre-settlement meeting was yesterday and it went very well.  It took about 3 hours.  He went over warranties from Ryan Homes, appliance warranties, and showed us how things worked and how to take care of things like the lawn and furnace.  He also made a list of stuff that needed to be fixed before closing or during our 1st week at the house.  Here's some of the things that I can remember from the list:

- Trees in our backyard

- Fix toilet (he broke the toilet showing us around the bathroom lol he accidentally hit it and it chipped) 

- Carpet patch (they made a whole in the master bedroom carpet while they fixed the bowed out wall - there was a piece of drywall stuck behind the drywall that caused this issue)

- Paint touch ups

- Cabinet door joints repaired (the cabinet joints were noticeable and he said he'll have his cabinet guy look at them to see if we can fix them a bit for us)

- Mow berm behind house done and seed over top

- Caulk exterior foundation crack

Not too much stuff to be fixed, but I'm sure we'll find a bit more once we move in and start to really notice things.  We realize everything isn't always perfect with construction, but if there's something wrong we have faith in our PM to make things right.  He has been awesome to work with and we feel like he really took the extra time to listen to us and our concerns.  He also took the time to fix anything he was able to fix that we had issues with.  Overall we a very happy with our home and can't wait to start moving in on Monday (closing day).  We will have the big move next Friday, but we just can't wait to start living there after we close lol.  Next up, closing on Monday and moving some of our important things in!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daisy Approves

Not much to update on the house front here.  We are pretty much waiting to close, they are just finishing up minor things this week.  Everything is looking great!  We got the good to close yesterday and the closing time today.  We will close 11 AM next Monday morning!  That's right just 4 short days, the days can't go quick enough to us we are so excited!

We took our pup Daisy to the house last weekend to let her explore the lot before the grass seed goes down.  She definitely approves and loved all the sticks they left for her lol.  I think we'll definitely have help picking up all the sticks.  We went to the house Monday night to see the grass seed and final grading and we haven't been to the house again (we are locked out, can't sneak in anymore the screens are up).  We will be seeing the house next on Friday for our pre-settlement meeting, hopefully all goes well.  Then on Monday we close and on Friday we will get the moving truck and all our parents are coming up!:-)  I can't believe it's so soon and I can't wait!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

PM Update 7/11/14

PM Update:

- Today: Grating finished up

- Tomorrow: Hydro seeding

- Tomorrow: Paint finished

- Monday/Tuesday: Punch out list finished

- Monday: Cleaning

- Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: PM Walk through(look for any issues/fix issues)

Side notes:

- Pre-settlement meeting 9 AM next Friday (about 3 hours)
- Pre-settlement meeting: talk about warranty info, service polices, etc.
- Trees will be put in within the next 2 weeks
- PM will email us the information on what kind of trees
- They are trying to get trees in before we close, but if trees are not in by closing it will be put in our closing contract that landscaping is unfinished and will be finished by Ryan Homes at a later date

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Flooring Done and We Got Granite!

Yesterday the flooring was finished and the island and granite counter tops were installed.  The flooring looks awesome!  It did however make bowing walls way more visible.  We were going to talk to our PM about the walls we saw, but today when we went there almost all of them were fixed or marked to be fixed already.  That was definitely a load off of our minds!  I just love the hardwoods they are so beautiful!  The granite is in and looks awesome too, it looks black and not green.  This is exactly what I was hoping it would look like, I'm glad the green doesn't show through too much because I really just wanted black counter tops.  Things look to be getting close to being complete today, they are just putting on finishing touches.  We are going to be 10 days until closing tomorrow, it's crazy and we are so excited and thankful for getting a home of our own!

Monday, July 7, 2014


The hardwoods and carpet have been started today!  Looks like they should be done tomorrow!  The carpets look nice, we thought the color would be different.  It's not bad though.  The hardwoods look really nice, can't wait to see them done to get a real feel for them!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

PM Update 7/3/14

PM Update:

- Today: Hardwoods starting

- Monday: Hardwoods finishing

- Monday: Carpet installing

- Monday/Tuesday: Paving driveway (hopefully monday)

- Tuesday:  Towelbars, etc. installing

- Tuesday:  Island installing (morning)
- Tuesday:  granite installing (afternoon)

- Tuesday/Wednesday:  Grading

- Tuesday/Wednesday:  1st cleaning of house

- Thursday/Friday: Punchout/paint

- Thursday/Friday: Lawn hydroseeding

Side notes:

- Moved house numbers down under garage light
- On schedule for 18th pre-settlement meeting

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Updates as of 7/2/14

Newest updates since our cabinets went in: stone for our driveway is in place, our fireplace is done, toilette's are in, the doors and trim have been painted, stairs from garage are in.  We also found out that our door to our study is just beautiful!  It has a window above the door, it's very nice and lets so much light into the foyer.  I'm pretty sure the plumbing is all set, seeing how my husband used the toilet today lol.  Tomorrow hardwoods should be going in, can't wait to see them!