Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Post Settlement - 30 Day Fixes List

Here's a list of all the things we have found 30 days out:

- Front Door: needs paint, doesn't close properly
- Study Door: needs paint, doesn't close properly
- Service Door: lock sticks
- HVAC: popping noise when AC turns off
- Floor:  squeaky/raised spot in front of dishwasher
- Garage door: leaks a bit when it rains
- Main Bath: Drain not caulked
- Washer: hot and cold water pipes swapped?
- Paint: every wall needs touch ups (horrible paint job)
- Mailbox: leaks because it doesn't close
- Front porch: rusted nail sticking out
- Half Bath: door doesn't close properly
- Cost closet: door doesn't close properly
- Sliding door: hard to open


  1. We had a similar issue with the front door where you could see light around the edge. Turned out the strike plate can be slid back and forth after loosening two screws. Our PM said it might need to be adjusted seasonly for the first year or so.
    We also had a rattle coming from one of the ceiling air intake vents whenever the A/C shut off. It ended up being the air filter dropping when the flow of air stopped. Not sure if it's what you're experiencing but putting a different brand filter in there solved it for us.

    1. Thanks for commenting, the problems we had were a little different. The door just needed to be adjusted so it would close nicely without having to push it really hard closed. That's good to know about the strike plate adjustment though, thanks! Also our noise is more of a pop than a rattling, they think the vent in the wall is not secured tightly. They haven't fixed it yet they said they need to open up the wall and we should decide if it's worth it for them to do that and get back to us. It's quite annoying so I think were going to have them come back to fix it sometime soon.

  2. How are you liking your sewickley? We are about to build one! Thoughts/suggestions? Would love to see more pics!

    1. We are loving our Sewickley! Nice good luck with the build and enjoy every step it goes quickly! The only couple of suggestions I can think of right now is:
      1) We thought the laundry room would be bigger, but after you put the washer and dryer in it there's only enough room to walk in there (we were hoping to fold/hang laundry in there). I think a stackable washer and dryer would have been better to put in there or maybe take some of the huge closet behind it and turn some of that into more laundry room space. Also it's pretty loud above the family room when doing laundry so I would suggest to try to get a quite washer and dryer.
      2) The flooring we picked is not made of the best material, it's already wearing down badly.
      3) Definitely add 4 ft to the garage if you want a mudroom, our PM/SR is always telling us how great of an idea that was. We still have to build our mudroom sometime in the near future.
      4) The study appears smaller than we thought it would be from the paper floorplan. I don't think it's too small, but it just wasn't what we thought the size would be. Also, the study doors are well worth it they make the room feel bigger and let so much light into the space.

      It's been quite a busy couple of months, but I should get to uploading more pictures soon. Anything in particular you want to see a picture of? Or any question you want an answer to?

  3. Ashley, I know it has been 2 years since you've built your home, but my wife and I are also building a Sewickley (in Morgantown, WV) with Heartland Homes! I wonder if a) you are still checking this blog, and b) you wouldn't mind telling us a bit about your home, how you like it, and even sharing some pictures. My email is: if you want to chat a bit more privately.