Saturday, March 8, 2014

News, but still waiting...

Ryan homes has said the delay to starting our house was because of the extremely cold weather we have been having.  This is delaying foundations to be poured and that has caused a delay in the already started houses to 3-4 weeks, which in turn causes a delay to the houses that haven't started yet.  We are scheduled to start April 14th and should be in around July 14th (90 days from start they say), so it is a delay of a month.  I guess a month isn't too bad, I just hope we don't get anymore delays.

We are also looking at a the Savoy we saw without dry wall again next week.  This time it should have walls and be almost done.  I just hope the space is what we expect.  The floor plan is almost exactly like the Sewickley, so it's the closest we are going to get.  I'm just still very nervous about never seeing our houses floor plan in person.  I hope after seeing the Savoy I'll realize the space and can picture it better.

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