Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Requests Update

So after seeing the Savoy I asked Ryan homes if we could do anything about the small dinette and kitchen.  I also asked about expanding the garage.  Here's the outcome:

- We could only do a 4ft extension to the dinette and family room (for $8,000 and a late change order fee of $250), the kitchen could not be increased at all.  The reason we could not do the 2ft extensions like in the Savoy model is that the Sewickley model house is I think a foot longer.  We decided since we could not increase the dinette and the kitchen that the upgrade would not be worth it.  They also said they could not move the stairs level with the cabinets because of the clearance near the front door, which makes since.  So we ended up not being able to do anything with the width of dinette and kitchen.

-  We went back and worth on the garage and why they could not do an extension.  They finally said they could do it, but they would charge us a blueprint redraw fee ($3500) and late change order fee ($250).  We said okay could you price it out for us just to see.  Surprisingly he came back with a pretty cheap price ($4,000) and no fee, so we did it!  He said he told his boss that we were an awesome couple and they okayed it as long as we were okay with a 1 to 2 week delay in the house.  So now I get to have my mudroom, which I am super excited about!  Make sure you double and triple check on why they can not do the changes you request and you might just get an approval.

All in all we are very excited about the house, it is going to have everything we need/want.  The kitchen/dinette may be a bit small, but we will see.  Maybe I won't even think it's small when it's built it's just so hard to tell from the Savoy (with 8 ft ceilings instead of 9 ft in the Sewickley) and the piece of paper floor plan of the Sewickley model.

Next up is our pre-construction meeting on Monday!!  I'm so excited to get the show on the road!  I am also finally at ease and now excited about the house.  I have let my worries go with the thoughts of how awesome our mudroom/house is going to be!

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