Sunday, March 16, 2014

Seeing the Savoy

So we got a chance to see the Savoy that we saw previously last Friday.  The construction quality seemed good, so that's good.  I also was able to get a better idea of the space of our floor plan because the Savoy is pretty much the same house with minor differences (same square foot though).  Here's a comparison:
Left: Savoy, Right: Sewickley
So the basic outcome was that I felt the dinette and kitchen space was a little too narrow.  I also did not like the stairs and wall (and closet for Savoy) blocking the view into the family room.  When I got home I checked online and the Savoy offers a 2 ft extension across the back, but the Sewickley doesn't.  It only offers a 4 ft extension on the dinette and family room, which is around $8,000.  I really like the idea of the whole back being extended, so I emailed Ryan Homes to ask them if we could do this for the Sewickley, seeing that the Savoy and it are pretty much identical.  I am still waiting for the response on this.  I'm really upset that I feel the space is small (and my husband doesn't), but I'm not sure at this point there isn't anything that I can do about it seeing how it's past the 30 days we get to pick things.  Anybody else think 14 days for structural changes and 30 days for non-structural changes is not enough?!  I really felt too rushed, I like to do research and think of options and I didn't have time to do this.

I also asked Ryan Homes about extending the garage to make it wider, this was also an option for the Savoy and not the Sewickley.  If we were able to do this we could build a mudroom in the garage and that would definitely make me happy!  I really think we could use a mudroom, especially for Ms. Daisy.

Overall we like the flow of the house better than the Palermo (this is good cause I was regretting not picking that floor plan especially since the prices went up and we couldn't change now even if they let us), which was the other option we were looking at.  On a side note, I just don't like the narrow kitchen/dinette and no mudroom.  I think the flow is the most important, so I think we choose wisely.

I am just hoping we can do something to make me feel better about the narrow space, either 2ft extension or maybe make the stairs and wall flush with the pantry and cabinets.  It might be too late, which is terrible because your spending so much money on a house and you have to think of every thing in 30 days.  Also in my case without even seeing the house or a similar house.  Hopefully we find out tomorrow if there are any options we can do or if it really is too late.  I really think changes right up until ground break should be allowed.

On a good note our house starting price has went up $8,000 since we bought it, so we just made money!!

Here's a picture of the inside of the Savoy we saw:

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