Friday, July 11, 2014

PM Update 7/11/14

PM Update:

- Today: Grating finished up

- Tomorrow: Hydro seeding

- Tomorrow: Paint finished

- Monday/Tuesday: Punch out list finished

- Monday: Cleaning

- Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: PM Walk through(look for any issues/fix issues)

Side notes:

- Pre-settlement meeting 9 AM next Friday (about 3 hours)
- Pre-settlement meeting: talk about warranty info, service polices, etc.
- Trees will be put in within the next 2 weeks
- PM will email us the information on what kind of trees
- They are trying to get trees in before we close, but if trees are not in by closing it will be put in our closing contract that landscaping is unfinished and will be finished by Ryan Homes at a later date

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