Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pre-Settlement Meeting 7/18/14

Our pre-settlement meeting was yesterday and it went very well.  It took about 3 hours.  He went over warranties from Ryan Homes, appliance warranties, and showed us how things worked and how to take care of things like the lawn and furnace.  He also made a list of stuff that needed to be fixed before closing or during our 1st week at the house.  Here's some of the things that I can remember from the list:

- Trees in our backyard

- Fix toilet (he broke the toilet showing us around the bathroom lol he accidentally hit it and it chipped) 

- Carpet patch (they made a whole in the master bedroom carpet while they fixed the bowed out wall - there was a piece of drywall stuck behind the drywall that caused this issue)

- Paint touch ups

- Cabinet door joints repaired (the cabinet joints were noticeable and he said he'll have his cabinet guy look at them to see if we can fix them a bit for us)

- Mow berm behind house done and seed over top

- Caulk exterior foundation crack

Not too much stuff to be fixed, but I'm sure we'll find a bit more once we move in and start to really notice things.  We realize everything isn't always perfect with construction, but if there's something wrong we have faith in our PM to make things right.  He has been awesome to work with and we feel like he really took the extra time to listen to us and our concerns.  He also took the time to fix anything he was able to fix that we had issues with.  Overall we a very happy with our home and can't wait to start moving in on Monday (closing day).  We will have the big move next Friday, but we just can't wait to start living there after we close lol.  Next up, closing on Monday and moving some of our important things in!

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