Friday, June 20, 2014

Paint, Tile, and Vinyl Done

Went to the house today and the paint was done and it's not too bad of a color.  The tile in the bathroom looked like it was almost finished and the vinyl floor in the two upstairs baths and laundry room were finished.  The vinyl floors were a bit darker then I remember, but not too bad.  The tile in the shower was not perfectly straight and the grout color looked more cream than the color we picked out.  All in all it looked okay, maybe we will just color the grout ourselves if we hate it.  Not sure if we should complain about the uneven tiles, it looks like one column is slightly off on each side.  There was also one corner self, which I thought was weird seeing how there is two shower heads.  Guess we'll have to fight over who gets that side lol.

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