Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pre-Dry Wall Meeting

Our pre-dry wall meeting was last Thursday morning.  It went really good.  Our PM showed us the house and explained all the energy star stuff for us.  He also explained any issues that came about, like the light over the sink could not be centered because of how the bays were and we had chosen the recessed lighting option.  That was probably the major one others were issues we already asked to be changed.  The only things we needed to change were:

- Change the light over the sink to a flush mount from a recessed can to make centered
- Center fridge cabinet
- Center master bedroom lights with short wall instead of long wall so fan is centered over bed
- Move thermostat over a little from corner of dinning room
- Have hot water tank under stairs and not in the place we want to finish
- Fix holes in rafters that were okay to be there, but most people ask them to be filled

The only thing that we were a little disappointed at is that we never really talked about the basement and how the furnace and hot water tank would be in our pre-construction meeting because we thought they'd be in the location on the diagrams.  Turns out they don't put them in those locations every time.  We wanted to finish one side of the basement, the side with the large egress window.  The furnace is a little into that side and they couldn't move it cause it was already in place.  He told us where the hot water was going to go and that was even further into the space we wanted to finish, but luckily that wasn't in place yet and he could move that.  Also the sump pump was in the front part of the area we wanted to finish.  All in all it is okay because the space we wanted to finish is still there is just got a little bit smaller.  Where they put these locations are based on where the utilities are coming to the house, just a thing for others to check and be aware of before you start building.

Side Notes:

- Our furnace is 40,000 btu
- We have portal frames over our back door, front door, and fireplace
- Insulation in ceiling is blown in and is R-38
- Mastic is put on HVAC pipes to seal them
- Large trees on empty lot were not for behind our house, but for the new phase of the neighbor

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