Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Power and Lights

Today we had our SR show us around our house.  The outlets and lights were done and we could turn the lights on and off.  The lights were actually very pretty.  I thought they'd be ugly.  They also had kitchen cabinets in place in their boxes and our bathroom cabinets were in their respective bathrooms.  Also, the doors and trim were put in the locations they were supposed to go.  Seems like we might have cabinets hung by the end of week and doors and trim done.  We love seeing it all come together!  We are almost at 20 days , it's crazy!!


  1. LOVE the windows above the shower! That is something I secretly wish could have fit into our floor plan. I love extra light in the bathrooms.

    1. Thanks! We've never had windows in our bathrooms before, but I think we're definitely going to enjoy the extra light!!