Saturday, February 22, 2014

Electrical Meeting

The electrical meeting went good, we didn't have many questions or things to add.  We did end up adding 2 network cables ($200), and 2 more cables lines ($120).  The house comes with 4 cable wires.  We also added 4 speakers in the family room ceiling for surround sound ($670).  Thankfully we didn't have to add too much.  He also made one of the recess lighting in the kitchen above the island a regular light rough in so I can put a chandelier there.  He went over where each plug would be, where each light switch plug would go, where the cables would go, and what we planned on doing with each room to make sure the electrical would work for us in each room.  He was very helpful and super nice.

Note to others: when you go make sure you have a list of items to go over because time is limited and you only get 2 hours with the electrician.

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