Saturday, February 22, 2014


So the past week I have been worried if we were making the wrong decision on the model type.  This is because of many reasons.  One being we can't see a house like it in person or even find pictures of it because it's so new of a floor plan.  The second being that last week we got to look at a studded Savoy being built, which is really similar to the Sewickley, and I thought it was too small of a downstairs.  This could be because it was only studded and I couldn't image it I wasn't sure so I was freaking out.  I then proceeded to go back to the Palermo, which is 250 sq. ft larger and had a mudroom.  It was also more expensive, so most of the upgrades we had we would have to give up if we changed our minds.

I drove my husband crazy for a week saying we should change our minds because we have a Palermo model near us and we know what it will look like and what it will be.  I really would love having a mudroom too.  We finally sat down and made a pro and con list for each model and we then realized again why we picked the Sewickley.  We picked it for it's better floor plan, more deck space off the back, and all the upgrades we could get and wouldn't have to worry about doing ourselves.

As for right now I am still worried about how it's going to be, but I have trust in our decision and in my husband who thinks we are going to be very happy with the Sewickley.  He even said he'll give me half of his garage for a mudroom if I'm not happy.  He's the best!!

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