Saturday, February 22, 2014


Our meeting with NVR went good, we sent all the requested information beforehand.  All we had to do was go over the mortgage documents and sign paperwork.  The meeting only took 2 hours, which was way better than the 4 hour contract signing meeting with Ryan Homes.  After the meeting there were some things we needed to get to them and questions we needed to answer.  All in all it wasn't a bad process.

There was one hiccup in the process, we couldn't get approved if I was on the mortgage.  They would approve just my husband.  They gave us the reason of that I was contracting at work and they could fire me at any time.  This was true, but my company told them when a position opens up I was the first to get hired.  Plus I am making over 4 times minimum wage!  No matter, they still said I can't be on the mortgage.  I was able to the house title, so I did own the house.  Still it is very stupid!  My husband and I agreed it would be okay since were married and I did technically still owned the house, but still wouldn't me being on the mortgage with him help not hurt him.  I mean he can get the mortgage by himself, so how was I hurting him.  Annoying and weird...

Anyway, the process took about 30 days to finally get the approval with all this back and forth.  My husband did finally got approved two days ago!  So now we just got to pray the interest rates will stay low for a little bit longer and wait for them to start building!

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