Sunday, May 25, 2014

All Done with Framing - Second Day of Framing!

We went to see our house on Friday after work.  When we got there the framing was done, the windows were in, and no one was there.  We are still in shock that it only took 2 days to frame our entire house, hope they did it well!  Anyway we actually got to walk inside and see everything, it was so awesome!  All the room sizes looked pretty good, except for the dinette (but we can definitely make that work seeing how our dinning room is pretty big)!  The 9ft ceilings are amazing and after being spoiled in all our apartments with 9ft ceilings we are glad to have them again.  They just make the rooms look so much bigger!  We are going to go back tomorrow and get better non-iPhone pictures and a movie, just another excuse to go see the house again.  On Friday we took some pictures, but that was only after we looked around in awe for about 15 min until we realized we should probably take some pictures too lol.

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