Tuesday, May 27, 2014


We were on a mission last weekend to get the rest of our appliances because of all the memorial day sales going on.  We got the dishwasher, stove, and microwave with Ryan Homes and all we needed was a refrigerator and washer and dryer.  We live in apartment right now, so we have no appliances or ever bought any appliances before.  

We went to sears and found great deals and we met our neighbors!  We gave the sears guy our future address to price out a washer and dryer and the couple behind us were like hey we're your neighbors we're moving in in two weeks.  They were there looking for appliances too.  They seemed really nice and reminded us of ourselves.  It was awesome to met our neighbors, they are actually right across the street from us!  We met them also in the refrigerator section and they were like see you at home depot too right lol.  Little did they know that was our next stop, we just wanted to get the best price and wanted to go there to compare the prices.  Too funny that that was our plan too!  We ended up going to home depot, didn't see them there though lol, and best buy.  The deals are sears were definitely the best so we went back and got them!

We got a Kenmore French door refrigerator 7032 for almost half off!  It's $1399 (originally $2599) until today if anyone is looking for a nice refrigerator!  We love the refrigerator and at that price we didn't hesitate at all.

We had some trouble finding a washer and dryer, there were so many options and so many of them it was very confusing.  We went back and forth between two similar items a samsung and a kenmore, we ended up going with the kenmore based on the price to sale ratio, reviews online, and energy used.  It was around $1200 for both, but originally it was $1900 for both.  The samsung only saved you around $100 while this one saved you $700 and it was pretty much the same machines, price, and type.  We got the Kenmore 68102 7.6 cu. ft. electric dryer and Kenmore 4.5 cu. ft. 28102 washer.

We ended up getting warranties and pipes and hoses to go with everything.  I was very surprised that the dryer plug didn't come with the machine, but oh well.  We finally got all our appliances!



  1. Hi there! We are building a Rome, haven't started yet and I'm planning on blogging too, so I'll be sure to let you know once I get that going.
    Just curious, did you order the appliances and then have them hold off on delivery until they were ready? We won't be done until October, so I was thinking of catching the Labor Day sales...

    1. Hey! Awesome, good luck with the building process! We are almost done, can't wait!

      Yeah I believe they can hold for deliver for 6 months and even at that point I think you can call and have them wait longer if needed. They don't let you do this on clearance or close outs, but they do on sale items. 4th of July has really good sales for appliances too and if you buy it them and you see a lower price from then until you get them you can ask for a price change I think for most places, but definitely for sears where we bought our appliances from. Good luck!