Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Have a House - First Day of Framing!

We have been going by the neighborhood everyday after work to see the progress on the house that is being framed before ours can start.  We couldn't wait for that one to be done because it meant ours would be starting next!  They started their framing on Monday or Tuesday (we didn't go see on Monday) and yesterday they had a roof and were just finishing up and putting in windows.  This meant ours would be starting today.  Well when we got there after work we already had not a first, but a second floor done!!  It was almost all framed in one day!  Crazy we couldn't believe it and we were kind of upset we missed some of the process, but happy it's framed almost!  It looks like we should have a roof and windows tomorrow, probably as long as the weather stays dry.  YAY!  We were so excited!  We also got to see the framing being lifted into the house while we were there, which was pretty cool!  

On a side note, but still exciting we are going to pick out our granite slab on Saturday!  Also on another side note, we didn't realize the second floor was going to over hang the first floor in the back, but I guess it's okay just weird on why they would do that!

*UPDATE:  When we went to pick out our granite slab they basically said all of them are from the same lot and our similar and asked us if the top one was okay.  Wish we would have know that's all we were going to do because we would have saved ourselves a trip.  It might just be the place we went and the granite we picked, but it wasn't what I was thinking it would be like.

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