Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Electrical Box, Walk Way, and Port-A-Potty

Stopped by the "house" today to see the poured basement and garage, but they weren't poured yet.  Instead we found our electrical box attached and a stone walk way to our front door.  At least it's progress and hopefully we'll have our basement and garage poured soon.  Wood is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, we'll probably check it out on Thursday.  My husband is too funny he was so excited about their being a port-a-potty on our lot lol.  He thought it was funny and needed a picture of this.  We also waved to our SR as we drove be today, he was so nice and a big help glad he remembers us.

Also, our neighbors siding was going up.  It's some sort of light yellow/tan color.  Most of the houses are light colored in our neighborhood and in all Ryan Homes neighborhoods.  Is it just me or do other people think it looks sort of boring?  I'm so glad we were give a dark color siding upgrade from our SR for free.  I can't wait to see the dark gray we are going to have on our house!:-D

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