Friday, May 2, 2014


The footers have been done this week and by next Tuesday our PM said we should have foundation walls and a basement.  There was a delay in this due to the mason having truck problems.  Both of his trucks broke down this week, but they got them fixed this week and ready to go for Monday.  They will do our neighbors Monday and move to ours on Tuesday.

On a good note he said that our neighborhood is doing well with all the rain we have been having this week.  We apparently have very good drainage for water, which means none of our holes/yards are flooding.  All other neighborhoods around us are having drainage issues.  This is definitely nice to hear. 

Our PM also said he is going to call the town to organize a meeting to discuss the burm.  They feel along with us and our neighbors that the burm should be moved slightly back and flattened a bit out.  They just want to check with the town to see if there will be any issues doing this.  Here's a couple pictures of the progress we saw on Wednesday.

On Sunday May 4th we stopped by our lot to see if there was anymore progress.  All that was different were there were more stones covering the entire basement floor.  Nothing too exciting, but we are excited to get walls early next week!

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