Thursday, May 15, 2014

PM Update 5/15/14

Our Weekly Update from Our PM:

-As of Today: Basement is poured and dried and they are prepping for framing

Burm: Town approved burm location/height, will even out every ones burm out once they dig our neighbors hole around May 30th

-Monday May 19: Framing starts on our neighbors (3-4 days if everything goes good)

-Friday May 23: Framing may start on ours and should have a roof by the following week

Note: He said we are a few days behind because of the rain, but hopefully we can make up some time with the framers.  He thinks 4th week of July we should be done, but I have a feeling it might be 1st week of August by the sounds of it.  He keeps asking us anything else or got any other questions and all we can think of is if should we have something, is there something wrong we are missing?  I think he's just trying to be a good PM though, at least I hope that's all it is and we are not missing something lol.

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