Friday, May 30, 2014

Problem encountered favors us!!

We got a call today from our PM, he said there's a problem with the shower surround and the window in the roman shower.  Because our floor plan is so new they haven't had a person buy a Sewickley with the roman shower, which for whatever reason does not include tile in it's upgrade fee.  Basically the window and surround wouldn't both fit and he gave us two options or any options we could think of.  The options were to remove the window in the shower or they would give us free tile for the shower to keep the window!  That was a no-brainer, since we were going to do the tile ourselves later and we wanted to keep the window for light.  So pretty much they are giving us free tile and we get to go pick that out tomorrow!!  It was awesome news to brighten up our day today!

*UPDATE:  Free tile was either white or cream 6 by 6 tiles, not really pretty.  Kind of annoying they didn't allow us to pick out better tile since we were going to tile it ourselves after we moved in with a nicer tile, but not much we can do.  At least it will be tiled and maybe we can redo it or add a border or make the floor tile we do really nice to off set this tile.  We did ask if they can be arranged like subway tile to make it look some what better, but that would have cost $275 extra.  We can redo the tile for a little over that, so we said no and are just going to live with the tile.

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