Saturday, May 31, 2014

That's terrible placement for an exhaust vent!!

Today we found out what the 2 x 2 hole was above our front door.  It's for the half bath exhaust fan!   For one it's an eye sore and for two I don't want my front door smelling like poop!!  This is crazy and awful!  It's definitely going to stick out more like a sore thumb once the dark siding is put on!  I emailed my PM and said this better get moved or something.  The crazy part is some other Ryan Homes have this on the front of their house too, which I have never seen another house with a vent on the front of the house.  The other Ryan Homes vents are off to one side or the other, not on top of the front door.  But still I don't want it anywhere in the front of the house, it's just plain awful!!

***UPDATE:  They are moving it to go out the back of the house!

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