Friday, May 30, 2014

Roof, Plumbing, & HVAC

Almost all the roof is complete, except for a part in the back of the garage.  The pluming looks like it is completed, the electrical is started, and the HVAC was started as of yesterday.  We've been going to our house everyday this week (except for tonight) to see all these little things happen, but not much to show.  We had to sneak in last time, they locked the front door.  The garage door was unlocked and egress window isn't in yet,  so we still were able to get in lol.  We did ask our PM to change a few of the vents because they were close to the doors and in one bedroom it was located were we wanted to place a bed.  He is off today, but he said he'll look into it Monday.  We also found siding on our lot, but it was tan -not the color we ordered!  The PM said he is going to look into it on Monday also.  Hopefully it's not for our house and ours just hasn't come yet.

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