Friday, May 30, 2014

PM Updated 5/29/14

PM Update:

- Thursday 5/29/14: HVAC is being worked on

- Friday 5/30/14: Framers back to fix issues that PM found (PM found quite a bit, which is good)

Friday 5/30/14:  Roof should be done, they didn't order enough shingles that's why they didn't finish (probably because of the non-standard 4ft extension with the garage created some confusion)

- Monday 6/2/14: Electrical will be done, but it has been started

- Tuesday 6/3/14: Insulation will be completed

- Thursday 6/5/14: Pre-dry wall meeting at 8 AM

- Thursday 6/5/14: Dry wall will be loaded into the house

- Friday 6/6/14: Dry wall will be started

Side notes:

- He said we should be done by July 17th or within 3-4 days of this date
- Closing will be within a few days of July 17th (YAY!)

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