Friday, May 23, 2014

PM Update 5/23/14

PM Update Today:

- Today: Trusses going up and roof sheeted, window and doors going in
- Tuesday: Plumbing will be done
- Tuesday: Roof will be done
- Tuesday/Wednesday: PM will inspect the framing to check for gaps, etc.
- Wednesday/Thursday: HVAC will be installed
- Friday: Issues and gaps that PM finds will be fixed
- Friday: Electrical will be done

Side notes:

- Neighbors will be excavated on 29th
- Us and our neighbors will be all done within 40-50 days from each other
- Berm will be flattened and leveled off better once neighbors get excavated and when they figure out who is paying for it (not us lol)
- Once berm is done all lots will be grated together
- Basement is dry, water table is great on our side of the road

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